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Five Reasons why Bizhub SECURE Ensures Business Safety for your Printer

Cybersecurity hacks are too frequent and too easy to ignore, which is why you should take in as many security options as you can when it comes to your Multi-Function Product (MFP). Utilizing Bizhub SECURE, a security service integrated on any Konica Minolta bizhub MFP that provides uncompromising security protection from your network data, can be the best protection for you and every user in your office. Here are five reasons why Bizhub SECURE is important:

1. Physical Hard Drive Encryption

Bizhub SECURE uses 128-bit AES encryption to ensure the highest level of protection for your printer. Encrypting your hard drive is security from an outside user trying to recover data. With the special encryption, they are unable to read the contents on the drive. The benefits of the hard drive being a physical element include protection and easy removal in case the printer is sold, stolen or disposed of in any other way. 

2. Auto-deletion of User Box Data

Bizhub SECURE also includes an Auto-Deletion feature to avoid filling up the User Box with old printer jobs. This is beneficial because it ensures any personal or important data is also cleared. Since this job is automatic, you and your staff can spend less time at the printer and more time increasing business productivity.

3. Temporary Holds through Timers

Your MFP automatically puts a temporary hold on any job you send to the device, but you have the security with Bizhub SECURE to place a timer on when the document is deleted. So, you can even select different time limits for certain box files on your bizhub’s hard disk.

4. Password Protection on Sensitive Material

Protect sensitive documents by storing them in a password-protected box or folder on your bizhub’s hard disk. For an extra level of security, the hard disk can be encrypted, so even if it is stolen and access is attempted by installing the hard disk elsewhere, the data will be secure.

5. Temporary Data Overwrite

With Bizhub SECURE, you have the option to temporarily overwrite data stored on your MFP. The Temporary Date Overwrite program automatically overwrites and deletes all completed jobs and leaves no data trace anywhere in the system. This can be done as a one-time overwrite or three times overwrite. 

Konica Minolta offers unmatched levels of MFP security, and IBE Digital strives to make sure every client and user can utilize these security features easily and swiftly. Furthermore, we want to create the best business flow from your desk to your printer. Contact us with any questions or concerns about how to get the most out of your MFP. 

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Are You Using all of Your Multifunction Device’s Features?

A multifunction device (MFD) is described as a device that has a variety of functions that are typically completed through separate devices — for example, a copier, scanner, and fax machine. 

With our Konica Minolta Multifunction Printers, you have the ease of utilizing multiple devices on one machine. Not only will this save you money and space in the office, but it will also eliminate the hassle of having to maintain multiple devices through separate repair companies! 

Whether you are looking for a large, color laser printer or a small compact black and white printer, we have the devices to fit you and your business needs. But what if there are other hidden features you didn’t know came with these devices? 

Five things you might not know came with your Konica Minolta Multifunction Device

  1. Mobile Compatibility
    Did you know you can effortlessly print from your mobile device? If your mobile phone is connected to the same WiFi account as the computer, you can print with the touch of your finger.  
  2. Connect to Your Dropbox or GSuite Account
    Now you can connect your Google Drive account through the Google Drive application. With this app, print your Google Drive documents from any location as well as scan in hard copies to your Drive.
  3. Browse the Web
    Utilizing the Web Browser Function, you can upload and use files on a User Box as well as saving, displaying and printing web contents or a file on the Internet. Users can access these settings on the Touch Panel.  
  4. Print Management System
    With our Print Management System, utilize the security and safety features of your Konica Minolta machines, which allows you to control the amount of printing output for each individual account on a shared device. The Print Management System also allows the comfort of added security for sensitive material.  
  5. Recycling Consumables
    Through Konica Minolta’s Clean Planet Program, you can register to create a new customer ID. This allows you to order supplies such as pre-labeled UPS boxes and online label printing to send in all consumables. Consumables include toner cartridges, imaging units, waste toner bottles, developer units, drums and more. 

Whether you are utilizing your Konica Minolta Multifunction printer for daily print jobs or big productions, it’s always handy to know what other bonuses can be available to you.

Contact us at IBE Digital to be paired with the perfect printer for you and your business, we look forward to servicing you! 

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Tips on Starting a Business from IBE Digital

Thirty-five years ago, IBE Digital was a small start-up company with a mission to provide quality service as a family-operated business solution to Los Angeles and Orange County businesses. Today, IBE Digital services more than 20 school districts, 10 cities, and 15 Episcopal churches amongst the hundreds of businesses throughout the two counties and nationwide. From one start-up business to the next, here are tips to successfully start your own company:

Find a solution to a common problem

Many entrepreneurs need a starting point to get their business rolling. The first step to creating a successful business is finding a solution that you can resolve. Whether it’s starting a new concept, or adjusting a problem you find in other companies in the industry, start your business plan by addressing this concern and how you plan to help resolve it. With IBE Digital, the resolution is to provide quality service that responds urgently to your business’s printer needs. 

Build clientele to validate your brand

A business doesn’t run with only a few clients. Approach and build rapport with similar brands and companies to establish loyalty and trust within the community. While similar brands are usually seen as competition, work with them to network and branch out to other potential customers or business partners. At IBE Digital, we make sure that not only our customers, but our business partners feel as if they are part of our family. 

Make mistakes, and learn from them

Just like anything, you’re bound to make a few mistakes when you start your own business. The trick to being successful is learning from these mistakes, rather than letting them overpower you and let you down. This is probably the most important lesson to learn when you’re starting your own business. IBE Digital has had fair shares of mistakes, but through learning and adjusting the strategies to better the company and improve future sales. 

While there are many different approaches to starting up businesses, we hope these few tips will help encourage you to start your journey to success. 

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Five Considerations about Cloud Migration

Storing all documents on a hard drive can affect more than just cost, it also tampers with security and productivity within your workplace. By utilizing Cloud Migration on your MFP with All Covered Cloud Environment, you can see benefits in cost savings, flexibility, increased productivity and more. 

Cap Ex vs Op Ex:

By storing data off-site, you can eliminate the costly need to buy hardware or software necessary to keep your data safely on the premises.

Flexibility = Productivity:

Cloud services are easy and quick to set up, allowing you to increase or decrease bandwidth demands with only a few clicks. This increases productivity because on-site data centers are removed from your building and the focus isn’t relying on keeping your documents secure on your own.

Staying Up-to-date:

All Covered Cloud Computing Solutions are regularly updated and upgraded to the latest generation of fast and efficient computing hardware. 


Maintaining data in an off-site location makes backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity easier and less expensive. Through the Cloud Migration, everything is automatically stored and easy to recover if needed. Data is compressed, de-duplicated, encrypted for security, and stored on servers to keep you at ease and your data in a safe spot.

IBE Digital works to provide services to your business that will keep you productive and secure. Contact our business representatives to start storing your data remotely and safely.